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RunDoyen is here to help you find the perfect coach who can help you achieve your individual goals through personalized online training.

Whether your goal is to complete your first 5k, run a new PR, qualify for the Boston Marathon or even the run in the Olympics, the first step is finding the right coach that you can trust.

Our coaches are among the most accomplished in the industry, but don’t be intimidated; they work with runners of all levels, from beginners to Olympians.

Join thousands of other runners and Get Matched to a Top Run Coach based on your individual goals and preferences.

Mark Hadley

Coach of 100+ Boston Marathon Qualifiers

Tara Welling

US Half Marathon National Champion

Ryan Vail

2:10 Marathoner

Lindsay Flanagan

2:27 Marathoner, 3rd American at Boston

T.J. Garlatz

Coach of 100+ NCAA All-Americans

David Jankowski

U.S. Club XC National Champion

Sarah Pease

4x Olympic Trials Qualifier

Addi Zerrenner

Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

Michelle Chewens

NCAA Division I Distance Coach

Bobby Van Allen

6x NCAA DIll National Coach or the Year

If you want to get faster and improve as a runner, you’ve come to the right place. Get started by getting matched (100% free) to a coach and see how we’ve helped hundreds of other runners reach their individual goals. Don’t believe us? See what some of our current customer athletes have said on Google Reviews.

Why hire a RunDoyen Coach

Trusted and Certified Coaches

We’ve recruited only the “best of the best” coaches who utilize a balance of the most scientific training tools and their own personal experience. We have a thorough screening process only accept a small percentage of coaching applications.

1-1 Personal Attention

Unlike other coaching sites, we do NOT do “group coaching”. Every coach is capped at a maximum of 20 athletes to ensure you receive the personal attention you deserve.

Integrated Online Training Experience

We’ve integrated the top digital tools to make the online experience between you and your coach the most effective possible.

Meet Your Coach Prior to Signing Up

You have the option to email your coach and even schedule a free consultation before signing up to ensure you feel like it is the right fit.

100% Money Back Guarantee

While it rarely happens, if you ever feel that your coach is not living up to your expectations or those outlined in our coaching services, we’ll refund your prior month’s payment.

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Custom Training Plans

Supplemental Training Services

In addition to Running Coaches, we have a Nutritionist (Will Benitez) and Physical Therapist (Michael Herrera) who are among the top specialists in their field focused on helping runners.

Diet & Nutrition

Will Benitez Nutritionist with RunDoyen

Will Benitez is a professional Nutritionist focused on helping runners optimize their nutrition for improved energy, recovery and health.

Strength & Rehab

Michael Herrera is a Dr. of Physical Therapy who helps runners get stronger and prevent or recover from injuries.

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See how other runners are improving and setting new Personal Bests with our RunDoyen Coaches:

"My goal was to qualify for Boston and it's been a huge success."
Jonas Lagergren
"RunDoyen was quick and easy at matching me with a coach that fit my running needs. They quickly matched me to coach T.J. who coached me to my first marathon in which I also BQ'd. When I am ready to train for Boston 2020, I plan on training with T.J. again as it ended up being a great match for my running needs. Plus T.J. is a cool person on top of being a great coach."
Adrienne Hetrick
"After joining, I became fitter, stronger, and could run much faster. Most importantly, I didn't have any pain or get injured."
Chi Wa Lee
I've been a client of Lindsay Flanagan's for four months and couldn't be happier with my results and her expertise. Before signing up for coaching, I was matched with Lindsay and consulted with her prior to my first marathon. She was extremely positive and offered a lot of tips that helped me finish my race. I was so excited after finishing, I immediately signed up for another marathon and started coaching sessions. She's very knowledgable, systematic, and experienced with training. Since working with Lindsay, my speed has improved significantly but still makes sure that I recover and focus on endurance. She provides positive feedback whether I am meeting the goals of the workout or had a tougher day. Under Lindsay's guidance and direction, I have grown as an athlete and a person. Thank you, RunDoyen for setting me up with the greatest coach! Can't wait to PR this spring!
Kim DiFranco
"Mark Hadley is awesome! I tried a different coaching service before this and this one is much better. Would definitely recommend this service."
Hannah High
"I've been a client of RunDoyen coach Mark Hadley for several years and I cannot say enough great things about my experience. In addition, the RunDoyen platform provides an easy way for me to connect with my coach on a regular basis and I highly recommend their services!"
Tara Caudle

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