An online coaching platform delivering customized training with 1-1 personal interaction from the top Running Coaches & Pros.

Finding the Best Coach is a Matter of Finding the Right Coach

RunDoyen believes that each runner is different and deserves a personal and customized approach to training. We enjoy helping runners of all levels find, or get matched with, the right coach to get customized training with 1-1 personal interaction.

To deliver upon that, we’ve recruited some of the top running coaches and pros in the world to offer online coaching services through our integrated platform, each offering their own unique experiences and approaches to training. Whether you’re training to run your first 5k, hit a Boston Qualifier, or even make it to the Olympic Trials, the “Doyens” are ready to help you reach your goals.



Doyen (dȯi-ən): The most respected or prominent person in a particular field; considered to be knowledgeable as a result of experience.

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