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Get your individualized training plan to help you reach your goals on race day.

New Race Date! September 20

Bloomsday Race 2020

No matter what your race goals are, our world-class coaches have built five different levels of training plans made exclusively for Bloomsday. Whether your goal is to walk/jog to the finish, or run fast with the front of the pack, we have a plan to help you reach your race day goals!

Level 1
Running Coach Tara Welling
Level 2
Running Coach Mark Hadley
Level 3
Lindsay Flanagan
Level 4
RunDoyen T.J. Garlatz
Level 5
Marathoner Ryan Vail Running Coach
Adam James
Adam James
7 Months Ago
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I beat my personal best in the 12 k Bloomsday race by more than 12 minutes after following the RunDoyen Bloomsday training plan prepared by T.J Garlatz! I think these race specific plans, customized to your personal time goal, are incredibly good value for the money and an excellent low cost way to take advantage of some great coaching experience.

Personalized for

Each plan is authored directly by one of our world-class coaches, including built-in daily motivation, advice and commentary specifically tailored for Bloomsday training. 

All plans are calculated to your individual training paces based on your goal.

1: Choose Your Level of Training Plan

Five levels available, each authored by a different coach

2: Enter Your Goal Time/Pace

Used to calculate your individualized training paces

3: Get Training with Your Tailored Plan

Calculated using our proprietary formulas (powered by the Hadley Calculator)

Training Plans are Delivered Using the Final Surge Training Platform`

Final Surge Platform for RunDoyen and Bloomsday

Choose Your Level


Your 7-week daily training plan will begin August 3rd and conclude on race day (September 20)

Level 1

  • Seed: Blue/Lilac
  • Race Goal: Mix of Walk/Jog to finish
  • Goal Finish Time: 1:45-2:30
  • Goal Pace: 14-20 min/mile
  • Miles per Week of Walk/Run: 3-9
  • Days per Week of Walk/Run: 2-3
  • No Experience Required
  • Authored by Coach Tara Welling (USA Half Marathon National Champion)

Level 2

  • Seed: Orange/Blue
  • Race Goal: Mix of Walk/Jog to get faster
  • Goal Finish Time: 1:30-2:10
  • Goal Pace: 12-17 min/mile
  • Miles per Week of Walk/Run: 6-14
  • Days per Week of Walk/Run: 3-4
  • No Experience Required
  • Authored by Coach Mark Hadley (Coach of 100+ Boston Marathon Qualifiers)

Level 3

  • Seed: Green/Orange
  • Race Goal: Complete all 12k running
  • Goal Finish Time: 1:15-1:45
  • Goal Pace: 10-14 min/mile
  • Miles per Week of Running: 6-14
  • Days per Week of Running: 3-4
  • No Experience Required
  • Authored by Coach Lindsay Flanagan (3rd American at Boston)

Level 4

  • Seed: Yellow/Green
  • Race Goal: Run all 12k fast
  • Goal Finish Time: 1:00-1:30
  • Goal Pace: 8-12 min/mile
  • Miles per Week of Running: 12-25
  • Days per Week of Running: 4-5
  • Some Experience Required
  • Authored by Coach T.J. Garlatz (Coach of 100+ NCAA DII All-Americans)

Level 5

  • Seed: Brown/Yellow
  • Race Goal: Run your best
  • Goal Finish Time: 45-1:15
  • Goal Pace: 6-10 min/mile
  • Miles per Week of Running: 22-35
  • Days per Week of Running: 5-6
  • Some Experience Required
  • Authored by Coach Ryan Vail (3x Top-10 Finish at World Marathon Majors)

Testimonials from Bloomsday 2019

Last year after the race we sent our customers a survey asking for anonymous feedback. Here are some of the responses we got back!

“The variety of workouts was refreshing compared to what I’d been doing on my own. Knowing it’s good to do hills, intervals, tempo runs, and such is great, but actually having quantities, distances, and speeds associated with those was extremely helpful!”


“The plan was very easy to follow.”


“Easy to follow; helpful description of activities and target effort.”


“I was able to have daily definitive goals for my training plan. I also shared this plan with my oldest son who is 20 years old and he was easily able to tailor the plan to his needs and his goals for Bloomsday, which were much higher than my goals as I’m 49 years old and not as fast as I once was!”


“Helped me to quickly and efficiently reach my goal while avoiding possible injuries.”


“It challenged me, at times beyond what I thought I could do, but I was able to be successful with meeting the weekly training goals.”


“It took all the guesswork out of training. I liked the idea that a professional was taking my stats and goal finish time and figuring out what I needed to do to be successful. I live in a sparsely populated area and I do not have access to running clubs or groups to train. I would DEFINITELY pay for this again. I have a fall marathon that I am training for and I am considering using RunDoyen for training. Thank you for offering this! I’m a believer.”


“I liked that it was easy to see each day’s workout and the workouts made sense and we’re do able.”


“Circumstances didn’t allow me to train as plan, but the plan itself and the delivery was excellent. Will definitely use again!”


“The training plan was flexible and I was able to shuffle days around a bit as needed to work with my healthcare work schedule. The variety in the runs each week kept things from getting mundane.”