Boston Marathon Training Plan

Boston Marathon Training Plan

If competing in the Boston Marathon is your goal, then you need to invest in RunDoyen’s top-of-the-line training program to get you ready for the race of a lifetime!

Understanding the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is one of the most iconic races in the world. The Boston Marathon was a race run on Patriot’s Day, April 19th, to commemorate the start of the Revolutionary War. This day was a holiday observed in Massachusetts and Maine, and the race would be held every April 19th. In the case April 19th was a Sunday, the race would be held on Monday the 20th, and, eventually, the race was permanently scheduled for the third Monday of every April.

The Boston Marathon is officially 26.2 miles, but this was not always the case. According to Grecian legend, the first marathon was 24.8 miles, and this legend dictated the official Olympic distance. However, the distance was changed at the 1908 London Olympics, requiring runners to race from Windsor Castle to the Royal Box in the Olympic Stadium, officially marking the distance at 26.2 miles. The distance fluctuated at future Olympic Games, but it was finalized in 1924, making the distance exactly 42 kilometers (26.2 miles).

Since 1924, professional and amatuer runners from all over the world have participated in the event. However, runners must first qualify for the race. In order to qualify for the Boston Marathon runners must meet predetermined marathon times corresponding to their age and gender. This is where RunDoyen can help. We want to help you go above and beyond your specific qualifying time, and see you tackle the Boston Marathon!

If you are determined to qualify for the Boston Marathon, then RunDoyen is here to help you build up your performance to meet the qualifying time for your corresponding age and gender. Check out our nutrition plans, training programs, and professional coaches perfectly tuned to help you improve your performance on the course!  

To a runner, the Boston Marathon is the ultimate race, but there is a lot of preparation to be done ahead of race day. Let’s discuss some steps you should take as an amatuer that will prepare you to qualify and beyond.

RunDoyen is proud to work with legendary coach, Mark Hadley, giving our athletes access to the best Boston Marathon training available. Coach Hadley has intricately designed 48 different training programs to qualify for the Boston Marathon, based on your age, gender, and training preferences. There are sixteen different qualifying times for the Boston Marathon, and Coach Hadley offers three different mileage options for your weekly training routine. Factoring in these elements, Coach Hadley’s 48 training program options are ideal for any runner.

In addition to our precisely calibrated training programs, RunDoyen offers nutrition plans designed by our own Will Benitez. Will offers two levels of nutritional plans, the more personalized gold and the adaptive silver nutrition services. The Gold service is more expensive, but it comes with unlimited access to nutritional coaching, whereas the Silver service costs less but lacks access to extensive communication with Coach Will.

Whatever your current performance level and nutritional needs, RunDoyen has you covered with adaptive, personalized, and well-calibrated training and nutrition services. Contact us today to get in touch with Coach Hadley and Coach Will to begin making progress towards the Boston Marathon!


How do beginners train for the Boston Marathon?

As a beginner, the Boston Marathon is probably intimidating. It is an iconic race with intense qualifying times, and you will be racing against the best of the best runners from around the world. However, there is no reason that a beginner cannot qualify for the Boston Marathon! Start your beginner’s workout with an uphill, 2 mile run at a normal tempo, continuing by running hills at a marathon pace, and finishing with a downhill, 2 mile run at a normal tempo to cool down. Overtime, you should progress and intensify your training, and we at RunDoyen are here to help you along the way to Boston.

How do beginners train for the Boston Marathon?

To begin your training, you first need to understand your current running abilities. To design your perfectly tuned training program, your baseline must be understood, and, from there, your training should push you to accomplish more from each workout. That’s where RunDoyen comes in. Coach Hadley will use your existing personal best times and apply one of the 48 available plans best suited to your abilities. With RunDoyen, you will be optimally prepared for the Boston Marathon based on your baseline performance!

Can you run any marathon to qualify for Boston?

Not all marathons will be accepted when you are trying to qualify for Boston. The only accepted qualifying races are certified, full distance marathons. In the time of COVID-19, many virtual marathons were hosted in place of in-person ones, but no virtual marathon time was accepted to qualify for an upcoming Boston Marathon. No indoor marathon time will be accepted, either. If you are concerned as to whether or not your race will be accepted, contact the race administration before raceday and ask whether or not they are Boston Marathon certified.


Since 1897, the Boston Marathon has featured ground-breaking performances. From Olympic champions to trailblazers in the sport, well-known athletes throughout history have chased major victories in the oldest annual marathon in the world. In addition to providing memorable elite showdowns, Boston is considered the most prestigious race for everyday runners, thanks to the speedy qualifying times and an iconic course. (1) Now it’s your turn to partake in this legendary race!

To begin your training, you should be looking into training programs, nutrition plans, and professional coaches that can boost your athletic performance and help you to reach your qualifying time. However, if you don’t think that you are ready to try to qualify for and commit to the iconic Boston Marathon, then we also offer a regular marathon, half marathon, 10k, and 5k training plan to fit your running abilities. Whatever you need, we at RunDoyen can help you achieve it, so contact RunDoyen today to take control of your athletic performance and master whatever race distance you choose!

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