Become a Doyen Dasher

The most personalized self-serve training solution, designed by the world’s top coaches, built for runners of all levels.
$39/mo after 7-day free trial

While there is no substitute for the level of personalization offered from a personal coach, the Doyen Dashers is the next best thing.

Our World Class coaches developed the Dashers training program to be a value-packed alternative to hiring a coach.

$39/mo after 7-day free trial

What’s Included:

Training Plans

Unlimited access to our Calculated Training Plans for 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and the Marathon. Each plan designed by RunDoyen’s world-class coaches with personalized workouts and training paces based on your individual goal.

Video Library

Unlimited access to our exclusive library of videos which include: Weight/Strength Training, Core Exercises, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Drills & Exercises, Racing & Gear.

Chat Support

Unlimited chat support with a RunDoyen coach.

Online Training Log

Complimentary Final Surge account, which includes mobile app and GPS sync to download and upload workouts to your training calendar.

$39/mo after 7-day free trial

Built by the World’s Top Coaches for Runners of All Levels

$39/mo after 7-day free trial

Training Video Library

Gain exclusive access to the private library of training and exercise videos that supplement your daily training plan. Topics include:

Videos only accessible to Doyen Dasher members

$39/mo after 7-day free trial

Included with the Doyen Dashers membership, is a complimentary Final Surge account which includes a mobile app, daily workout reminders and the ability to sync your GPS watch data to your RunDoyen training plans.

$39/mo after 7-day free trial

Unlimited Calculated Training Plans

As a member of the Doyen Dashers, you'll have unlimited access to all our Calculated Training Plans for 5k, 10k, Half Marathon & Marathon. Each plan is 12-16 weeks with 3 different levels to choose from based on your experience and miles/days per week you want to train. All training plans include workouts that are calculated to your individual workout paces based on your goal race time.


RunDoyen 5K Training Plans


Half Marathon

RunDoyen Half Marathon Training Plans


RunDoyen Marathon Training Plans