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Doyen is a word adopted by the English language from French in the 17th century. “Doy” is pronounced like the word “toy” or “boy” and then “en” is kind of like how you would say the letter “N”.

Merriam Webster defines Doyen as: “a person considered to be knowledgeable or uniquely skilled as a result of long experience in some field of endeavor”

Google defines Doyen as: “the most respected or prominent person in a particular field”

True to our brand name, RunDoyen will always stand for the top experts within running. We have a very strict and robust process before bringing any new coaches on our platform, thus any coach with RunDoyen is truly World-Class and among the most experienced and accomplished to help give you the best chance at reaching your goals.

We partner closely with Final Surge, who is a leading online training log software. Built-in is a training calendar where your training will appear each day. You can export your training plan to a PDF or download the mobile app to track your training while on the go.

For Personal Coaching or Adaptive Weekly Training coaching services, your Final Surge training log is where your coach will be able to see your daily commentary and workout details so that they are best informed on how to build your training for the following weeks. With Personal Coaching, you’ll also be able to message your coach and see their feedback/commentary to you.

Here is the login page to access your training.

Here are instructions to sync compatible GPS devices or your Strava account.

You can download the mobile app here.

We use Zoom Video Conferencing. When scheduling a consultation, if you select “video chat”, your confirmation email will have a unique link for you and your coach to join when your appointment time arrives. All you have to do is click the link. You may be prompted for a quick download, but it’s pretty simple. Just make sure your microphone and camera are enabled in the bottom left-hand corner and that you have a strong internet connection to your device.

We have clients from six different continents around the world (still waiting for our first from Antarctica!). If you reside outside of the US, for any consultations you will want to select the Video Chat option instead of Phone Call in order to avoid any international phone charges.

Right now, RunDoyen only has coaches with English as a spoken language, but we hope to soon grow our language fluency in order to increase our global reach.

We understand that unforeseen things can come up and that “life” happens. Within your confirmation emails, you have an option to reschedule your appointment. However, we just ask that you respect the fact that your coach may have already been planning their day around your appointment, so please only reschedule when it is truly necessary.

Of course! So long as their profile page does not indicate that they are currently not accepting new clients, you can choose from any one of our world-class coaches, regardless of your ability or goals.

We understand that it can be very difficult to choose, which is why we created our Coach Matching Feature. By answering several questions, we can help you get matched to the ideal coach for you.

While over 90% of our clients work with the coach they were matched with, the choice is entirely up to you. You’re welcome to schedule a Free Consultation with as many coaches as you’d like.

We believe that finding the right coach and training plan is a factor of four things:

  1. Your running background
  2. Your running goals
  3. Your preferred training style
  4. Your preferred coach’s personality

With our Coach Matching Feature, we can help you find the ideal coach by answering several multiple-choice questions.

Sure! You’re welcome to schedule a Free Consultation with as many coaches as you feel needed to help you make a decision you are confident with.

If you’re interested in joining our roster of coaches, you can apply here. While we encourage anyone to apply, please note that we only accept a small percentage of applicants. 

It’s been incredibly rare that any of our clients have expressed dissatisfaction with their level of service with our coaches. However, if for any reason, you feel that your coach has not provided what was committed and outlined in our Coaching Services, we offer a money-back guarantee. Please send us a note to info@rundoyen.com explaining the situation and we’ll be happy to refund your money for the period of time which the coaching services did not live up to your expectations.

All of our coaching and training services are 100% virtual and online. We’ve built out an integrated online training experience that makes it feel like your coach is with you wherever you are in the world. This includes an interactive training log with your coach and video chats or phone calls which you can schedule directly on your coach’s calendar when you need to meet. 

We understand that some people may really value having a coach they can meet in person, but we believe that our online experience is the most effective and efficient way to help you train to reach your goals.

We accept all major credit cards and your transaction will be processed is USD currency.

No problem. Simply cancel your current service and then purchase the new one you’d like to sign up for. Since you’ve already been working with that coach, you’ll just skip the initial onboarding consultation and training questionnaire.

If you need to pause your plan at any point let your coach know as well as our support team at info@rundoyen.com. We’ll pause your plan for you. When you’re ready to reactivate it just send us an email and we’ll get you set back up.

Navigate to Your Subscriptions page. From there click View for the subscription you want to change. You’ll see actions you can take regarding your subscription from there.

We do not currently offer this functionality but it’s on the roadmap and we expect it to be available soon.

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See how other runners are improving and setting new Personal Bests with our RunDoyen Coaches:

"There are so many coaches on the internet, but RunDoyen's coaches come with so much success & experience. I know that Ryan has seen just about every situation- so he advises me from his own personal experience and just experience in the running world. Couldn't more highly recommend working with these coaches! They know their stuff & they will bring the best out of you!"
Kimberly Clark
"RunDoyen was quick and easy at matching me with a coach that fit my running needs. They quickly matched me to coach T.J. who coached me to my first marathon in which I also BQ'd. When I am ready to train for Boston 2020, I plan on training with T.J. again as it ended up being a great match for my running needs. Plus T.J. is a cool person on top of being a great coach."
Adrienne Hetrick
"RunDoyen is seriously is a one-stop shop for running experts, and I couldn't be happier with my experience!"
Alissa Coffman
"My runs automatically load into the app once my watch syncs, then I can go in and make notes about how I felt, the weather, the effort level, etc. I'd definitely recommend RunDoyen for any runner looking to get to that next level!"
Amber Finlay
"Mark Hadley is awesome! I tried a different coaching service before this and this one is much better. Would definitely recommend this service."
Hannah High
"I've been a client of RunDoyen coach Mark Hadley for several years and I cannot say enough great things about my experience. In addition, the RunDoyen platform provides an easy way for me to connect with my coach on a regular basis and I highly recommend their services!"
Tara Caudle