Aaron Braun

2:12:54 Marathoner
USA 12k National Champion
5th Place Olympic Trials 10k

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I’m a big believer in long term progression. Sure, anyone can improve quite a bit when they’re first getting into running, but in order to get the absolute most out of your natural ability, you should focus on the big picture. I like to look at people’s long term goal, and mapping out a way to get there!

Part of why I believe in long term progression is because I experienced it. From not being recruited by division 1 schools coming out of high school, I developed into a very good collegiate runner; and now have been a professional runner for the last 8 years.

I want to help runners who are in it for the long haul. They should be motivated to reach some goals right away, but also patient to know that their top performances may be years and years away. Being able to enjoy the process of running instead of just the outcomes will help them stay motivated and consistent in the long run.

Aaron Braun

They say that in life half the battle is showing up, and for Aaron Braun that’s meant showing up again and again, putting in the work, living at the doorstep of breakthroughs and podium finishes, with consistency that many professional runners would dream of duplicating.

A runner could be forgiven for easing up after starting off college by winning a national championship, but that’s not how Aaron got here or what focuses him towards the future. A father of two, Aaron knows his abilities and walks the line where successful runners live: pushing hard enough to improve while avoiding blowing up by failure or injury.

His self-awareness and control was on primetime display this fall as he led the Chicago Marathon on national television. While the other elites decided to ease off the pace, Aaron knew his abilities and goals for the day, forging out ahead of the pack to ensure he’d maximize the opportunity. He finished in 2:13 for 12th out of 40,000+.

During his career he’s collected national runner-up finishes at many distances on the roads, breaking through for the 2013 National 12k Championship.

Aaron looks forward to helping others find the focus and drive necessary to produce the consistency that has defined his career.