Jess Tonn

31:54 10k PR
7x NCAA DI All-American
15:18 5k PR

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I have been lucky enough to work with coaches who help me reach my full potential, but also believe in the importance of general life happiness as much as long term health and development.

In high school, my coach (Jeff Messer) trained me to reach my full potential as a high school athlete while also developing me for a career in running at the collegiate level. At Stanford, my college coach (Chris Miltenberg) took a conservative and smart approach to increasing my mileage and intensity over the course of my college career knowing that I wished to train and compete as a professional athlete. Now that I am a professional athlete, I appreciate so much what it takes to get to this level – especially from a coaching standpoint.

My current coach not only has to train me to reach my goals for the upcoming indoor/outdoor track and road racing seasons, but he wants to develop me and coach me to reach my goals for 2020, 2024 and beyond. It is because of the amazing coaches that I have been able to work with that I am so excited to help individuals with various backgrounds and goals in the sport reach their full potential.

In order to reach any goal, you must be willing to work hard. I believe that consistency in training is essential, but so is training smart. I have learned that being flexible and adaptable are also fundamental and crucial attributes to possess because sometimes, life happens or things come up and you need to recalibrate – and that’s okay! The keys to successful training and any athlete-coach relationships is open and honest communication, having fun, and enjoying the process. I am excited to be a part of this journey with you!

Jess Tonn

Whoever says that running is a lonely individual sport without teamwork or camaraderie forgot to tell Jess Tonn. Having excelled as a runner since high school, through college at Stanford and now onto sponsorship with Brooks as a member of their professional team named “The Beasts.”

The Footlocker Cross Country championship is the pinnacle of high school running each fall and Jessica qualified all four years. In college she twice won the PAC-12 10k championships for her team the Stanford Cardinal. And now as a member of the Beasts, based in Seattle, she’s seen early success on the track and on the roads.

Jess has always thrived as a runner within the team environment and her aim is to bring the same spirit and inspiration to other athletes who love to run and don’t want to always feel like they’re going it alone. After all, isn’t everything more fun when you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself? She thinks so!