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What I like about coaching is to help runners achieve their goals. To look in to their capabilities and set realistic targets and work towards reaching them.

As a runner I have had various coaches over the years whom I learned from. It has been my own experience which shaped me as well as the things I learn in daily life working with some of the world class coaches.

I strongly believe that hard work, patience, commitment, and good communication will enable the right coach to bring you further in your running journey!

Jurrie van der Velden

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Personal Coaching

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Personal Coaching

RunDoyen Gold Tier
Full Service 1-1 Personal Coaching

$199/ Month

*Monthly Subscription


Adaptive Weekly Training

RunDoyen Silver Tier
Personalized training,
adapted with your progress

$149/ Month

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Custom Training Plan

RunDoyen Bronze Tier
Customized Plan,
Built for Your Race Goal

$19/ Week

*Single Purchase

With any of the 3 coaching services, you’ll begin by completing a training questionnaire, followed by an onboarding consultation with your coach.
All service options include a Final Surge account to access your training through the desktop or the mobile app; included is an option to sync your GPS watch to import your daily runs.
The Bronze-level Custom Training Plan is a one-time purchase based on the number of training weeks you select. After your onboarding consultation, your coach will prescribe all your training at once.
The Silver-level Adaptive Weekly Training is a monthly subscriptionYour coach will prescribe your training on a weekly basis rather than all at once. They will be tracking your workout progress and comments to adapt your training week by week. In addition, you’ll be able to chat with your coach along the way in case you have any questions about workouts.
With Gold-level Personal Coaching, you’ll be upgraded to full communication with your coach, including weekly Zoom or phone calls as needed. During these calls, you’ll share feedback about the prior week’s training and your coach will help prep you for the upcoming week. In addition, your coach will assist with all aspects of race planning, preparation, strategy and recovery.

Jurrie van der Velden

Jurrie has been passionate about athletics and particularly distance running since a young age. Starting the sport at a young age going through all age categories it was a couple of injuries which made him decide to focus on his academics.

At the end of his college years he found himself finishing off his school career with a 6 months project at an athlete management firm. Towards the end of this period he signed a contract and so far has been working already for over 17 years at the same office. Support some of the best runners and events in the world.

Being one of the main characters of the current Ugandan running success, Jurrie spends a lot of time in the East African country to grow the sport and offer young talented runners opportunities. As he does in various countries across the globe from Japan to USA to Europe.

Now for about a decade he has been coaching runners from all levels achieving their running goals.