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Consistency and patience!  Learning how to listen to YOUR body while still pushing for maximum results is a difficult line to tread. I believe with a holistic approach this is absolutely possible. It’s easy to build momentum with running and see results quickly but learning how to recover, fuel correctly and improve strength where needed is where to get that extra mile. It’s learning to make habits of these little things that might not seem significant in isolation but make all the difference in those final few steps of the race.

Lisa Dobriskey

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Personal Coaching

RunDoyen Personal Coaching Gold Tier


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Adaptive Training


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Custom Training


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Coaching Services Explained

Coaching Services Comparison


Personal Coaching

RunDoyen Gold Tier
Full Service 1-1 Personal Coaching

$199/ Month

*Monthly Subscription


Adaptive Weekly Training

RunDoyen Silver Tier
Personalized training,
adapted with your progress

$149/ Month

*Monthly Subscription


Custom Training Plan

RunDoyen Bronze Tier
Customized Plan,
Built for Your Race Goal

$19/ Week

*Single Purchase

With any of the 3 coaching services, you’ll begin by completing a training questionnaire, followed by an onboarding consultation with your coach.
All service options include a Final Surge account to access your training through the desktop or the mobile app; included is an option to sync your GPS watch to import your daily runs.
The Bronze-level Custom Training Plan is a one-time purchase based on the number of training weeks you select. After your onboarding consultation, your coach will prescribe all your training at once.
The Silver-level Adaptive Weekly Training is a monthly subscriptionYour coach will prescribe your training on a weekly basis rather than all at once. They will be tracking your workout progress and comments to adapt your training week by week. In addition, you’ll be able to chat with your coach along the way in case you have any questions about workouts.
With Gold-level Personal Coaching, you’ll be upgraded to full communication with your coach, including weekly Zoom or phone calls as needed. During these calls, you’ll share feedback about the prior week’s training and your coach will help prep you for the upcoming week. In addition, your coach will assist with all aspects of race planning, preparation, strategy and recovery.

Lisa Dobriskey

Lisa has been competing internationally since the age of 15, having competed in 2 Olympic games, Lisa knows first-hand what it takes to get the absolute best out of yourself. Since retiring from track athletics, Lisa took some down time to start a family and in that time was running for fitness and for fun while helping others reach their fitness goals. Having worked with athletes of all ability, her passion is helping people discover running and realizing they can achieve so much more than they ever thought possible.