Personal Coaching with Simone Plourde


$199.00 / month

  • The most personalized and effective training solution
  • Fully customized training built by Simone Ploudre
  • Integrates with the FinalSurge Training Platform
  • Training is adapted and adjusted as you go based on your feedback and progress
  • Includes unlimited communication and weekly video-chat sessions with Simone as needed

$199.00 / month

How it Works

The most personalized, full-service training

Discovery Phase

First, you’ll submit a detailed training questionnaire to you coach.

Then, you’ll schedule some time to discuss/review your running background and goals over video chat or a regular phone call.

Online Training Log

You’ll be set up in our complimentary online training log (Final Surge) where you and your coach will be connected.

This is where you'll receive your personalized workouts and training on a weekly basis based on your feedback and progress.

Training Adjusts with You

Your training will always be built with consideration of any “life” constraints you might have.

We get it, you’re busy and likely have other things going on outside of just running.

If things come up and you have to miss a workout, don’t worry; your coach will work with you to adjust your training.

Unlimited Communication

Your coach will be with you every step of the way as you train toward your goals.

You get unlimited communication with your coach using the Final Surge training platform. Your coach will leave regular feedback in there for you. Email is an option also.

Check-Ins by Video/Phone

You can also set up weekly check-ins to go over any training or questions you have related to running. These are entirely optional.

You can schedule these as phone or video calls.

GPS Watch & Mobile App

You can sync your GPS watch training log platform to easily share your training data with your coach.

Download the mobile app to view or log your training or to communicate with your coach while on-the-go.