Personal Nutrition Coaching with Running Nutritionist Will Benitez

Personal Nutrition Coaching with Will Benitez


$149.00 / month


Fine tune your diet for optimized energy, recovery and general health throughout training.

$149.00 / month


How it Works

The most personalized nutrition Plan

Discovery Phase

First, you’ll schedule some time to discuss/review your health history, current diet and running goals over video chat or a regular phone call.

This will help Will lay the foundations of your nutrition plan.

Nutrition Plan and Analysis

You’ll be provided an individualized weekly nutrition plan built just for you.

Each month, you’ll receive a detailed dietary analysis of your food logs to identify continued opportunities to optimize your diet for enhanced overall health and running performance.

Unlimited Communication

Your coach will be with you every step of the way as you train toward your goals.

You get unlimited email communication with your coach in addition to the option of scheduling bi-weekly check-ins with your coach to discuss/review your progress or any questions you have about your nutrition plan.