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RunDoyen 5K Training Plans

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$29.99 for 12-week plan

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RunDoyen Half Marathon Training Plans

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RunDoyen Marathon Training Plans

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Want to Qualify for Boston?

Answer the questions below to find the perfect plan tailored to help you achieve your Boston Qualifier time.

Boston Qualifier Marathon Training Plan

Boston Qualifier Calculator

    Note: Prior to starting the 16-week training program you should have built-up to comfortably running the minimum mileage level of your program (35, 50 or 65).

Doyen Dasher Training Program

More than just a training plan, our World Class coaches developed the Dashers training program to be a value-packed alternative to hiring a coach.

$39/month after 7-day free trial

All Training Plans Delivered Through Final Surge App

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See how other runners are improving and setting new Personal Bests with our RunDoyen Coaches:

"There are so many coaches on the internet, but RunDoyen's coaches come with so much success & experience. I know that Ryan has seen just about every situation- so he advises me from his own personal experience and just experience in the running world. Couldn't more highly recommend working with these coaches! They know their stuff & they will bring the best out of you!"
Kimberly Clark
"RunDoyen was quick and easy at matching me with a coach that fit my running needs. They quickly matched me to coach T.J. who coached me to my first marathon in which I also BQ'd. When I am ready to train for Boston 2020, I plan on training with T.J. again as it ended up being a great match for my running needs. Plus T.J. is a cool person on top of being a great coach."
Adrienne Hetrick
"RunDoyen is seriously is a one-stop shop for running experts, and I couldn't be happier with my experience!"
Alissa Coffman
"My runs automatically load into the app once my watch syncs, then I can go in and make notes about how I felt, the weather, the effort level, etc. I'd definitely recommend RunDoyen for any runner looking to get to that next level!"
Amber Finlay
"Mark Hadley is awesome! I tried a different coaching service before this and this one is much better. Would definitely recommend this service."
Hannah High
"I've been a client of RunDoyen coach Mark Hadley for several years and I cannot say enough great things about my experience. In addition, the RunDoyen platform provides an easy way for me to connect with my coach on a regular basis and I highly recommend their services!"
Tara Caudle

If you have struggled to stick with a plan, our biggest piece of advice is to find your motivation. Whether that motivation is physical health, mental health, or because you want to spend more time outside, you need something to keep you going on those days when you just do not want to get out of bed.
A lot of people choose to take up running for the physical benefits, particularly for weight loss. Cardiovascular activity can be very beneficial if you are trying to lose weight, but you have to be careful. You could very quickly develop an unhealthy mindset towards running, and that is not something that anybody wants to happen. Find joy in what you do, whether that be time in nature, or a few minutes everyday to clear your mind, you always have something to keep you going.

Exercise shouldn’t be something you do only when you want to drop those 10 extra pounds or prepare
for the charity 10-kilometer run. To be successful, it should be something you do as routinely as eating, sleeping, and taking your morning shower. That can be difficult, as you may already know. The information below may help you stay on course when your motivation starts to flag. Remember, the result is worth the effort.

RunDoyen not only has a wide variety of plans for every experience level, but those plans are designed by highly experienced and accomplished coaches. These programs are built to help you succeed, not cause stress. You can do this!

The Health Benefits of Running

There are countless health benefits to adding physical exercise into your routine, specifically running. If you have ever had trouble sleeping, maybe try going for a run at some point during your day. Studies have shown that running can both increase the amount of sleep that you get and the quality of that sleep.
Running can also increase the amount of energy that you have during the day. If you find yourself hitting a wall around three o’clock in the afternoon, maybe try going for an early morning run the next day and see how you feel that afternoon!
In addition to the physical benefits that go along with running, you cannot ignore the mental health benefits that come with both physical activity and time outside. Studies show that running can help lower levels of anxiety and also potentially boost your mood if you suffer from depression. Be sure to consult your doctor!

All About Our Program!

RunDoyen is one of the most outstanding running programs in the country, but that did not happen by accident. Years of hard work and dedication on behalf of our coaches. That work has gotten us to where we are, and we are extremely proud of the work that we have done, and the impact it has had on our clients.
We have strived to give our clients every opportunity that they need to achieve success. You may have running goals, but our goal is to help you achieve your dreams! We do that through a pristine set of programs designed by our outstanding coaches with the intent of pushing you towards success.
Each of our training plans consist of three levels, with level one being for novices and level three being for more advanced runners. Once you choose your distance and level, you will follow a week by week plan that will prepare you to run your race!

5k Training Plans

If you are looking to simply get your feet wet in the world of running, a 5k may be the perfect plan for you. You would be working with coach TJ Garlatz, the designer of our 5k programs. A successful collegiate level coach, Coach Garlatz is here to work with you so that you can successfully run your first 5k!
First time 5k runners will likely choose level one of the 5k training plan. It was created for people with little to no running experience at all. The plan lasts for twelve weeks and is broken down into four different phases. The first and second phase are each three weeks long, while the third phase will last four weeks, and the last phase will last for two weeks.
Level two of RunDoyen’s 5k plan is similar to the first level, but for those with a bit more experience. The third level is for those with a lot of experience running 5ks with a focus on really fine tuning their skills. At level two you will be running six miles at most, while at level three your longest run will be eight miles.

10k Training Plans

If you like the sound of our 5k training plan but are looking for more distance, our 10k plan may be just what you are looking for. The accomplished coach Ryan Vail designed this course for runners with little experience up to runners with a lot of experience! Structured similarly to the 5k plan, there are three levels with level one being for beginners and level three being for those with more experience.

Half Marathon training plans

Our half marathon programs follow a bit of a different pattern. The half marathon and marathon plans are both sixteen weeks, whereas the 5k and 10k courses are each only twelve weeks.
Level one of our 5k and 10k plans required little to no experience, whereas we recommend a bit of prior running experience for our half marathon program. This does not mean that you have to be the best runner out there, but rather that you should be comfortable running shorter distances, such as a 5k. The potential exception to this would be if you are in great physical condition, but running is not your primary form of cardio. Level one of the half marathon plan will have you running an average of twenty miles per week, and you will be running three or four days out of the week!
Level two of our half marathon program, created by USA 15k National Champion Tara Welling will push you further, running an average of thirty miles a week between four or five days. Level three, alternatively, will have you running an average of forty miles a week and you will be running five or six days out of the week. That is why we recommend significant running experience before you try to tackle levels two or three of the half marathon program.

Marathon training plans

Coach Lindsay Flanagan is the expert behind RunDoyen’s marathon training plans. This program is also sixteen weeks long and has three levels, each level consisting of four phases. The levels of difficulty follow a similar pattern to the half marathon plan. We would not recommend someone without running experience try to start out on a marathon plan.
If your goal is to run a marathon this year, the RunDoyen marathon training plans are exactly what you need to prepare yourself. With this plan and some dedication, we know that you can crush your upcoming marathon!


How do I get started?

If you have never run a day in your life, we would recommend starting out with our beginner 5k plan. You will learn how to run an entire 5k in only twelve weeks, which is an amazing accomplishment! You do not have to have any prior running experience!

If you would consider yourself a gym rat but running has never been your thing, the 10k training plan may be what you look into if you are wanting to get into the art of running. You probably have the stamina and endurance to go straight into a 10k plan, but the 5k would also be a great contender for you! It is all about what makes the most sense for you as an individual!

Why does RunDoyen have the best running training plans?

There are so many individual factors that contribute to our outstanding training program. We strategically combine intensity and consistency to build up your strength without burning you out. Our coaches are well educated in both running and training runners so you can know that you are being well taken care of.
RunDoyen is exceptionally proud of the versatility of our programs. Every runner is different, and that is why we put so much emphasis on the variety of our training plans. There are different levels for every distance so that you can tackle the race you are wanting to run but at your individual ability level.
RunDoyen is a fully virtual program that can supply you with everything you need when it comes to coaching and training. That is difficult to maintain, but it is well worth it. Now you can get all of your coaching needs straight from your phone or laptop.

Why is pacing important?

One of the greatest dangers that runners face is burn out. If you go into something with one hundred percent of your energy and do not give yourself a break, you could easily burn yourself out. Additionally, injuries are quite common in the running world and you want to avoid those at all costs. Being strategic and wise about your running can be the difference in your overall health, specifically pertaining to injuries.
Pacing is a crucial component to this training program. From our running experience and previous research, it appears that training intensity is the most important factor for improving the physiological processes that determine running performance. The paces in training program are based on current best 10K RACE pace. 

How is the 5k training plan structured?

The 5k training plan, designed by coach TJ Garlatz, was formulated in a way that sets you up for success. There are three levels to this program so that you can find one that works for you and your needs.
Level one of RunDoyen’s 5k training plan is designed for those with no running experience who are looking to add some movement to their daily routine. This plan is twelve weeks long and is broken down into four phases. Phases one and two are each three weeks long, whereas phase three is four weeks long, and phase four is two weeks long.
Level two is the flip of this, with phase one being two weeks long, phase two being four weeks long, and phases three and four being three weeks long each. Level three is also broken down into four phases with the exact same pattern as phase two.
5k training plan

How is the 10k training plan structured?

RunDoyen’s 10k training plan is strategically structured to give you the best results possible. Level one is designed for those without any prior experience, so you start out slow with a combination of running and walking. You will run for three or four days out of the week and at most you will run 5 miles in a day! With some hard work you can totally accomplish this!

Level two is for those with some experience, and you will mostly be running. At most you will run 8 miles at once and you will be running for four or five days out of the week. Level three of this training plan is for experienced 10k runners looking to get the most bang for their buck. You will be running twenty five to thirty five miles a week with a maximum of ten miles a day. You can totally do this!

Let Us Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Now the question for you is what is stopping you? If you have a goal, go out there and chase after it! If you want to run your first 5k, sign up for our 5k training plan and go out there and crush it! If you want to run the Boston Marathon, sign up for our qualifying plan, work hard, and you will achieve it!
Find what motivates you and use that to push you forward. Don’t get stuck in your own head and let doubt push you away from doing what you really want to. Here at RunDoyen we have all of the tools that you need to succeed, so find what works for you and get working!
RunDoyen has had so many clients go through these programs and come out on the other end feeling great and running better than they ever imagined that they could. You could be next, so what is stopping you?

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Whatever your goals are for these next few months, know that you can do it! Find what motivates you and use that to drive yourself forward and meet all of your goals!
Whether you are looking to run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or a full marathon we have a great plan that you can follow. We have a great lineup of coaches that are here to provide you the support that you need to achieve your goals.
Whether you are looking to run for the mental health benefits, weight loss purposes, sleep purposes, or for any other reasons, you can achieve the results that you are looking for. If you go into this with the right mindset, you can really see a lot of improvement! Push yourself to the next level, whether that means a 10k or the Boston Marathon qualifying plan. You can do it!